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Prayer Points



Our purpose is to pray for our nation to destroy the works of darkness.

First, Read: • JER 16:19-21 • 2 CH 7:14 • JER 51:9


1. To seek and listen unto the voice of God

2. The great end-time awakening and harvest of souls to start

3. Put the Bible in our schools, businesses and government

4. Put prayer back in our schools, businesses and government

5. Remove the divisions, especially those the devil caused

6. Put righteous Christian leaders in place who will not back down from righteous promises

7. Establish laws in churches, business, government, and education that are in line with Your Word


1.  Expose and stop Sins in church leadership and the congregation

2. Expose and stop corruption in the Church

3. Stop abortion, adultery, sodomy, fornication, and divorces in the church

4. Bring in Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, and intercessors who hear Your voice and have a heart to please You

5. The Church to have a strong backbone –stand for righteousness

6. Help all people in Christ find the whole truth and love each other

7. Remove the division from the Church and restore unity in the body of Christ

8. We call the angels into action against division in the Church


1. Cause America to remember the law of our God

2. Establish America to be a holy people unto You

3. Give us Christian Church leadership after Your heart to help America to walk in Your ways

4. Establish America so all people of the earth shall know we are called by Your Name

5. Cause America to be the protector of the righteous Christians, the weak, fatherless, and homeless

6. Cause those who shed innocent blood to leave America for fear

7. Release great blessings to America

8. Bless our nation, businesses, schools, and families


1. Put down the evil in government, businesses, and education

2. Stand up and speak against the Equality Act

3. Put Christians back in politics, city councils, mayors, and state governors

4. Continue to give us leaders who deliver on their righteous promises

5. Give us leaders who will not back down from their righteous promises

6. Righteous Christians would win in all elections across the nation

7. Help our attorney general William Barr to clean corruption

8. Overturn Roe v Wade and stop abortions in our land

9. Serve the 182,771 sealed indictments and bring justice to them

10. Clean our justice system and return justice to our justice system

11. Justice to protesters burning cities

12. Stop the building of a world government for the Beast

13. Russia to stop backing our enemies

14. Keep America from being disarmed

15. Bless the children of Israel because God blesses those who bless the children of Israel


1. Make our military Christian from top to bottom

2. Give us the most advanced unstoppable weapons to enforce Your laws

3. We call angels into warfare to remove those in our military against America

4. Stop our secrets from being released and repair the breaches in our military

5. Bring unity and singleness of purpose to our military top to bottom


1. Increase funding to law enforcement across America

2. Put righteous leaders in and over law enforcement

3. Remove corruption from the lowest to the highest in law enforcement

4. Bring in Christians with a heart to please You and remove sin from our nation

5. Help our law enforcement say and do the right things and not the wrong things

6. Protect them from all harm and evil

7. Put the fear of God in the hearts of those who would dare come against our law enforcement

8. Protect righteous leadership from blackmail, threats, and all evil

9. Expose those with ill-intentions and bring justice to them

10. Stop the mass shootings across America. Expose the culprits and remove them. No more mass-shootings


1. Stop the violence, anarchy, burning, looting in America

2. Stop evil in high places from ruling over us

3. Bring justice to Moloch and Baal worshippers

4. Remove corruption from America


1. Give us the plans of our enemies and blind the eyes of our enemies from our secrets 2. Give us the best, the fastest, the most accurate and most destructive weapons to keep the peace

3. Cause our enemies to fear us and become our greatest friends

4. We call angels to do warfare against the enemies of the Church and America


1. COVID-19 and the “second wave” or the second virus prophesied

2. Bring in a virus treatment

3. Clean up our pharmaceutical companies

4. Clean up our vaccines making people sick with terrible side effects

5. Lower our pharmaceutical and medical costs

6. Bring in doctors who will supernaturally know the problem and solution


1. Give us the greatest medical system in the world

2. Release suppressed cures for all diseases and bring justice to those withholding them

3. Restore our medical field and services to be the best in the world for the least cost

4. Give us the best and lowest medical insurance in the world


1. Give America teachers whose desire is to build heaven

2. Teachers who believe in You and righteousness over profit and business

3. Teachers to train up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord


1. Expose and remove people who lie in media

2. Bring us people who love, recognize, and bring America truth in media

3. People dedicated to truth who will find and expose evil especially in high places

4. We call angels to do warfare against lies in the media



1. Cause the filth, evil and corruption to be removed from all past media

2. Bring in a new era of media pleasing to You



1. Cause all the Moloch and Baal worshippers to be found and removed.

2. Remove corruption from our financial system

3. Delay and soften all judgment on America

4. People in business who shake the bribe out of their hand for righteousness sake

5. People who cannot be bought but who stand for your laws

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