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We Oppose Pride Month

First and foremost, we would like to emphasize that our opposition is rooted in our conservative beliefs and convictions.  These beliefs are not meant to demean or discriminate against anyone, but rather to uphold the principles that we hold dear in Cameron County.  While we respect and value the dignity and worth of every individual, we find it difficult to support the proclamation that was passed by the Cameron County Commissioner's Court on May 23, 2023, of a specific month to celebrate a lifestyle that contradicts our conservative family values and beliefs of the majority of the residents of Cameron County.


The celebration of LGBTQ Pride month sends a message that is in conflict with the traditional values that many Christians and Catholics hold dear in Cameron County. We do not harbor ill-will or animosity towards the LGBTQ community; rather, we seek to live out our faith with integrity and conviction.

In conclusion, we respectfully oppose the proclamation declaring June as LGBTQ Pride month in Cameron County. We believe that promoting tolerance and respect for diverse beliefs and perspectives is crucial, and by designating a particular month that celebrates this particular lifestyle does not show inclusivity with other lifestyle choices. Therefore, it is our sincere hope to oppose this proclamation and have the majority of Cameron County residents vote for what to proclaim in our county. The majority must be heard!

Cameron County Residents Sign Our Petition

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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